Reviews from our Maundy Thursday Concert – 29th March 2018

We’ve received some touching reviews on our most recent concert. Thank you, Janet, Mike, Richard, Trevor and Eric, for taking the time to get in touch with us. 

“I was in tears – suitably – for the Drop, drop slow tears yesterday.  All magical, best concert this season for my money!  Thank you very much Rachel et al.”

Janet Frost

“A superb rich sound, accurate singing and perfect balance in a well-balanced programme. The Mass by Cristobel de Morales was punctuated by attractive and varied compositions from Tallis, de Victoria, Durufle, Dubra and Messiaen with a couple of beautiful short encores.” Mike Butterworth

“I attended what I consider a truly emotional concert. To me it opened The sincere Easter period and the work that would have gone into rehearsals certainly being rewarded at the performance. Recently I have attended events performed by OU choir, Linsdale Singers and Leighton Buzzard festival singers for whom I was part. Aylesbury Consort of Voices -you’re amongst the best. Thanks.” Richard Owen

‘I can say no more than “more please”.’ Trevor Dawe

“Enjoyed every minute of the vocal group last Thursday. It was a contrast to our usual concerts and hope we see them again.” Eric Edwards

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