Aylesbury Consort of Voices was originally founded by Charles Pope in the 1950s, initially as an evening class for the study and performance of Madrigals. Charles Pope was a former teacher at Aylesbury Grammar School and was actively involved in the Aylesbury music scene at that time, effectively establishing a whole variety of music groups including the Aylesbury Choral Society, and  the Aylesbury Symphony Orchestra, which has enabled successive generations of musicians to enjoy his achievements, and has greatly enriched the cultural life of the area. Aylesbury Consort of Voices has evolved into a performance choir of sixteen hand-picked singers, performing music from the sixteenth century to the present day under the direction of Kelvin Turner.


Kelvin Turner is the Musical Director of the Aylesbury Consort of Voices.  He lives on the Oxfordshire Buckinghamshire border with his wife – a retired music teacher, who sings alto in the choir and plays the viola. Kelvin was weaned on church choral music from the age of seven, by his father, an accomplished organist and choirmaster.  Music remained a dominant subject in his education, and he formed his first eight-voiced group, the Anglian Consort in Cambridgeshire, while still in his twenties.

He moved to Buckinghamshire in 1990 and began singing with local groups.  In 1993 he was appointed Musical Director of the Wingrave Singers, and led the choir in concerts and cathedrals all over England for a number of years. He sang with Cambridge Chorale for many years under Michael Kibblewhite and Julian Wilkins.  Kelvin has recorded and performed with various choirs in Cambridge, Essex, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and London.  He has given solo concerts and worked with accomplished local musicians and instrumental groups. As director of the Aylesbury Consort of Voices, he is known for his attention to detail and his passion for the depth and the emotion in the music he conducts.

Lesley Vincent is the Assistant Musical Director of the Aylesbury Consort of Voices.  She lives in Wendover and is a professional musician and teacher, having played with the RAF Salon Orchestra for many years.  There are few instruments Lesley does not play; her specialism is the double bass and she is  also a pianist, cellist and organist, accompanying services at the RAF church of St George’s on Halton Camp on a regular basis. Lesley is passionate about the outdoors and can often be found exploring the Chiltern hiking trails with her irish terrier, Bunty.


The Choir


Annabella Rennison, Helen Kendry, Lesley Vincent, Amanda Alvares


Julie Turner, Fionnuala Prosser, Jan-Merrow Smith, Kate Walker, Alison Kirk


Bryn Jones, Geoffrey Howell, Michael Hawkes


Nick Walker, Tim Johnson, Andrew Dimond, David Brooker

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